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Best Air Purifiers In India For Home

Best Air Purifiers in India! The need for Air Purifiers is growing every day as the pollution levels are rising all over the years. It is in our hands to give the best air to breathe to our family. The quality of the air is the most essential for a good life. It is the right of every human being to get pure and fresh air.

Even though the quality of air is decreasing as the moment we speak, there is still hope. Every electronics giant is working their best to give you the facilities for a better life. That’s why we are here with this article to help you choose the best air purifiers in India.

Best Air Purifiers in India, Delhi

Best Air PurifiersNo. Of FiltersCoverage AreaCADRWeightBuy Now
Philips 2000 Series Air Purifier3269-409 sq.ft333 m3/h7.7 kgBuy now
Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier3355 sq.ft303 m3/h6.5 kgBuy now
Philips 1000 series Air Purifier4226-333 sq.ft270 m3/h7.5 kgBuy now
Coway Sleek Pro AP-0509 Air Purifier3355 sq.ft303 m3/h6.5 kgBuy now
Airspa Air Purifier6350 sq.ft180 m3/h4.8 kgBuy now
Dyson Air Purifier2450 sq.ftNA3.1 kgBuy now
Daikin Room Air Purifier3235 sq.ftNA5 kgBuy now

7 Best Air Purifiers in India, Delhi 2020

1) Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

The 2000 Series offered by Philips is by far the best air purifiers in India. The features offered by this air purifier are top-notch and unique. Here are the points that make it the best air purifier in India.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • CADR – 333 m3/h
  • Number of filters – 3
  • Coverage Area – 269 to 409 sq.ft
  • Weight – 7.7 Kg
The Pros
  • The most unique feature of this feature is the smart pre-settings. You can choose from different modes to eliminate certain contaminants. Philips AeraSense offers you to choose General, Allergens, and Bacteria & Viruses modes. Therefore, you stay safe from any foreign agent that degrades the quality of the air you and your family breathes. 
  • Another useful feature that Philips 2000 series provides is the Silent Mode. When you sleep the fan noise is from this purifier is almost at breathing level. So you stay protected without any disturbance. 
  • AeraSense is the technology that makes this purifier special. It is a group of sensors that automatically detects the harmful particles in your room. After analyzing the information from the sensors it makes sure that your settings are perfectly according to the environment. 
  • Additionally, there are technologies like VitaShield IPS that is among the finest to clean the air. The aerodynamic design also makes Philips 2000 series AeraSense the air purifier with efficient airflow. 
The Cons
  • The price is on the higher side of the spectrum. 
  • No remote control.
  • No UV light filter for pathogens.

2) Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Coway has built a name among the top air purifier brands with some fairly decent offerings. The top-level model that this Korean manufacturer provides is the Sleek Pro AP-1009. Let’s see what makes it one of the best air purifiers in India.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • CADR – 303 m3/h
  • Number of filters – 3
  • Coverage Area – 355 sq.ft
  • Air Purifying Method – HEPA Technology
  • Weight – 6.5 Kg
The Pros
  • Coway claims the triple layer filtration of Sleek Pro is the best in class. It purifies the air with a Pre-Filter that captures dust, hair and pet fur. The next layer is a patented carbon filter, also mentioned as the deodorization filter. It is basically a filter for various odors. Finally, the HEPA filter cleans the air from nanoparticles. 
  • There is a one touch filter control on the device that offers 4 levels of filtration modes. It basically allows you to adjust the level of fan speed conveniently. 
  • There is a system wide automatic control that adjusts the speed of the fan by sensing the level of dust in the room. 
  • The LED lights on Coway Sleep Pro notify about the level of contaminants in the air with different colors ranging from navy blue to red. With the blue representing the lowest level of pollutants and red the highest. The lights also change when the filter needs to be replaced.
The Cons
  • Lacks automatic adjustment features like Philips purifiers.
  • Costly filters.

3) Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Just like the 2000 series AeraSense, Philips 1000 series AC1215/20 is also an effective and compact air purifier for home. It lacks some advanced functions like its higher level sibling but still, there are features that make it a good choice. Here are the factors that make it a top-level contender among the best air purifier in India.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • CADR – 270 m3/h
  • Number of filters – 4
  • Coverage Area – 226 to333 sq.ft
  • Air Purifying Method – HEPA Technology
  • Filter out viruses & bacteria – 99.9%
The Pros
  • Philips 1000 series purifier is a feature rich professional grade filter. The true HEPA filter and VitaShield IPS make it as competent as the 2000 series device. Also, the boosted NanoProtect filter can remove particles as small as 0.2um. 
  • Just like the higher end model, it automatically adjusts the level of filtration according to the requirements. The AeraSense filter is proven to provide a high level of automation in terms of air filtration. 
  • The safety features of this purifier are top-notch. There is a Child Lock that prevents the settings to be changed by accidental touches and unintended changes. 
  • The silent mode from the 2000 series is available on Philips 1000 series air purifier also. The silent mode is activated automatically when the lights are off or dimmed. 
The Cons
  • The sensor is a little laggy sometimes. 
  • The customer support is not very responsive. 

4) Coway Sleek AP-0509 Air Purifier

Coway Sleek is the lower level model of the above mentioned Sleek Pro. With a coverage area of 24 sq. meters, it is a compact air purifier for offices and rooms. Here’s what else this purifier offers.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • CADR – 303 m3/h
  • Number of filters – 3
  • Coverage Area – 355 sq.ft
  • Air Purifying Method – HEPA Technology
  • Weight – 7.5 Kg
The Pros
  • The three stage purification method from the pro model is carried on in this smaller model. All the pro level filters, the pre-filter, carbon filter, and the HEPA filter are retained.
  • There is a filter replacement indicator on the top of the device. The same button also acts as a reset button.
  • The one touch control button supports three levels of fan speed control. According to the level of contamination in the air, the fan speed can be adjusted. 
  • A toggle mode to activate the night mode or silent mode for low noise activity while sleeping is also available on top of the device. 
The Cons
  • No automatic sensor for fan speed control is present in the Coway Sleek air purifier. 
  • The LED light to notify about the level of pollution in the room is also absent.
  • The one touch button does not allow “Turbo Mode” for high levels of contamination. 

5) Airspa With Device Tms 16 Hepa Air Purifier

Airspa is the most feature rich and cheapest device on our list of best air purifiers in India. The price of the purifier is too low in comparison to other purifiers. So, let’s see what makes it a competent air purifier. 

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • CADR – 180 m3/h
  • Number of filters – 6
  • Coverage Area – 350 sq.ft
  • Power Consumption – 40 w
  • Weight – 4.8 Kg
The Pros
  • The MSP of this air purifier is the best in class 6 stage purification layers. The first layer is a pre filter that absorbs heavy particles as mentioned earlier. The second layer is the activated carbon filter to remove odors. The third one saves from the microscopic organisms with the help of an anti-microbial filter. The air then passes through a HEPA filter. The next layer consists of a UV light filter and finally, there is a Negative Ionizer. In short, it is an all in one air purifier at a price that is easy on your pockets. 
  • In addition to the general panel controls we mentioned in previous devices, Airspa also offers remote control. The remote control can be used to set the timer, adjust the fan speed, and put the device to sleep mode. Moreover, you can also turn the UV and ionizer layers on or off with the remote control.
  • There is minimal to no ozone emission even when Airspa is performing at maximum capacity. This device is certified safe for home use. 
  • A smart panel to display all the necessary information regarding air health and device functions. 
The Cons
  • The build quality is not like the air purifiers by other brands. 
  • There is no silent or night mode for noise free operation. 
  • The performance of the light indicators is a hit or miss sometimes. 

6) Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier

The most advanced and the most costly purifier on our list. But the features on this device totally justify the price. Dyson has rightly made the most advanced and most cool looking air purifier. Here’s what makes Dyson Pure Cool worthy of its price.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • Number of filters – 4
  • Coverage Area – 450 sq.ft
  • Power Consumption – 40 w
  • Weight – 3.1 Kg
The Pros
  • At the very first look, you will feel intrigued by the design of this air purifier. It consists of a bladeless fan that is capable of diffusing the air in every direction possible. Also, the bladeless design is crucial for a powerful circulation of airflow in the room. It can even cool the room in summer if required. 
  • The advanced connectivity features like WiFi and Bluetooth are integrated into the device. This allows you to monitor the air quality levels in the room remotely without checking the device. With the Dyson Link app, you can control the swing of the device, fan speed, and other important factors very easily. 
  • If you are not a fan of apps, you can simply use the remote control provided in-box with the Dyson Pure Cool. The remote is ergonomically curved and can be magnetically docked on the device. 
  • The 360° Vacuum-sealed Glass HEPA & Activated Carbon Filters are capable of removing particles as small as 0.1 microns. This level of efficiency is unmatchable.
The Cons
  • The higher price makes it difficult to afford for a huge audience. 
  • The fan becomes very noisy when working at maximum level in a polluted environment.
  • It is not very suitable to use in the winter season as the fan also cools down the temperature of the room. 

7) Daikin MC30 Room Air Purifier

A mid-range offering by Daikin, MC30 Room Air Purifier is very popular because of its compact size. But what is in the bag apart from the small and in-budget design, let’s see.

best air purifier in india
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The Specs
  • Number of filters – 3
  • Coverage Area – 235 sq.ft
  • Air Purifying Method – HEPA Technology
  • Weight – 5 Kg
The Pros
  • The most influential factor of Daikin MC30 is its compact design. It can easily sit unnoticed in a corner of your room. The fan noise level is also minimal even when it’s operating at maximum speed. 
  • The filtration is done with the help of an Electrostatic HEPA filter which is more efficient in removing the harmful particles and odors from your home environment. The electrostatic technology also ensures that the filter suffers less clogging than the regular filters. 
  • There is a special Anti-pollen mode for people who suffer from allergies like hay-fever. 
  • Additional features like auto fan mode and sensor lamp are also beneficial in staying protected from breathing in harmful air. To save electricity the purifier turns off automatically when there’s no pollution detected.
The Cons
  • The build quality is not up to mark.
  • No actual display to monitor the PM levels. You have to rely only on the light indicators. 
  • Customer service is not available everywhere.

That sums up our pick of the 7 top units, one of which can be the best air purifiers in India for you.

Techniques used by the Best Air Purifiers In India

An air purifier basically filters the particulate matters or pollutants from the air. Most purifiers carry out this process with the help of HEPA(High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestent) filters. The air in the room passes through the HEPA filter and gets converted to pollution-free air. There are other filtration techniques available in air purifiers that are incorporated along with HEPA filters to enhance the quality of filtration. 

working of an air purifier

1) UV Filter

UV rays are the most effective agents in destroying the bacteria and other pathogens that contaminate the air. This type of filter is not effective in purifying dust particles and other smaller PPM. Therefore, they are ideal only for allergens and bacteria.

2) Carbon Filter

Carbon filters or layers of active carbon are very porous and highly absorbent. The filter absorbs the contaminants to provide a cleaner environment at home.

3) Ionic Purification

Ionic technique is a modern technique that is not used in regular purifiers. They convert the air into positive and negative ions using electromagnetism. Using the electric charge they make the particles heavier. The heavy particles then fall to the ground can be cleaned using a vacuum. The only downside is that ozone is also produced by ionic filters. Therefore, it is better to be careful while choosing them.

4) Ozone Purification

Ozone constitutes a major part of our atmosphere. It blocks harmful UV rays. Ozone purifiers are only used for commercial purposes or in emergency cases. Just like UV filters, they are also effective only for allergens and pathogens. 

Buying Guide for The Best Air Purifiers in India

There are a lot of factors that should be kept in mind before you decide to buy an air purifier. Every company claims that they provide the best air purifiers in India. But what exactly makes an air purifier the best? Let’s discuss the things that decide the competency of an air purifier. 

Buying Guide for The Best Air Purifiers in India

1) Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

CADR is the measure of how rapidly air purifier can clean the air within your room. It determines how many cubic feet of air purified by the filter in one minute.
It is also measured in cubic meters per hour. You have to select the air purifier with a higher CADR value. In other words, the performance of the air purifier depends on the CADR value. The higher the CADR value, the better is the performance.

2) Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

Air Changes Per Hour or Air Change rate refers to the number of times the filter can clean the air within a room per hour. If you live in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, you should select an air purifier with a minimum Air Change rate of 4. Air purifier with ACH of 4 means that after every 15 minutes it fully cleans the air within the room.

3) Air Quality Indicator (AQI)

Air Quality Indicator is one of the most important factors that you have to consider before buying an air purifier for your home. An Air purifier comes with an LED indicator that tells you about the quality of the air, whether the air present in the room is clean or not. If the LED indicator shows green light, it means that the quality of the air is good, where orange light indicates that the quality of the air is average. If the red light comes, it means that the quality of the air is poor.

4) PM2.5 & PM10

As air purifiers are used to remove impurities present in the air and these impurities are of different sizes. On the basis of size, there are two main types of impurities:
1) PM2.5:- PM2.5 refers to the particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 2.5 micrometers.
2) PM10:- PM 10 is larger in size i.e, these are those particulate matters which have an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 10 micrometers. When we inhale such particles, it can cause harm to our body.

5) Effectiveness of HEPA filtration

The HEPA filters are a part of every best air purifiers in India. But all of them provide a different level of filtration level. In areas affected by pollution, it is essential to choose a high-performance HEPA filter. Your air purifier should be able to absorb the particles as small as 0.1 microns or even smaller. When you first decide to buy an air purifier make sure you check the effectiveness of the HEPA filter. 

6) Air-exchange rate

The air-exchange rate is the amount of air passed through the filter in one minute. Before buying the best air purifier for your home, check the maximum air-exchange rate offered. A higher rate means that more air will be cleaned in less time than lower rate devices. Clearly, the higher rate is better for the safety of your family. 

Air exchange rate

7) Filter alerts

Depending on the level of contamination in the area where you live, you’ll have to change your filter regularly. Therefore, the air purifier should notify you before the filter is completely unusable. Most filters provide you alerts based on regular checks. But the filter that shows the current state of the filter is better for a real-time assessment. Purifiers with real-time alerts may cost you more but there should be no compromise when health is the main concern. 

8) Sensor and Monitor

High-quality air purifiers have sensors that monitor the quality of air and automatically provide the required level of purification. Such sensors save you from the hustle of manually changing the setting of your purifier every once in a while. However, only a small number of purifiers offer this feature. 

9) Fan Speed

It is highly beneficial to have an air purifier with variable fan speeds. The ability to change the fan speed manually or automatically will help you get the best result in an economically efficient way. The control of fan speed will keep your electricity bills in a check. Also, the speed of the fan is the deciding factor in the level of noise. There is more noise at higher speeds. Thus, a feature to set the fan speed according to the level of pollution is beneficial.

10) Ozone levels

As we were discussing earlier, air purifiers may leave traces of ozone gas in the atmosphere. The presence of ozone in small quantity is not harmful. However, if an air purifier that produces ozone at an arming rate should be condemned with immediate effect.

11) Effective ownership cost

No matter how efficient a machine is, it will cost the owner more than its buying cost. The maintenance cost of the machine gives the idea about the effective ownership cost. For instance, in the case of air purifiers, the cost and frequency of filter replacements is the deciding factor. In most air purifiers, you’ll have to change the filter after a certain period of time. However, there are options with permanent filters that can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. An air purifier with a permanent filter will definitely cost you more at the time of buying. But the ownership cost of purifiers with temporary filters will increase over time. 

What type of Impurities removed by the Best Air Purifiers?

1) Pollen allergies
2) Plant spores like algae, Fungi
3) Dust particles & Dust mites allergies
4) Pet allergies from skin & hair
5) Mold allergy
6) Viruses and Bacteria
7) The smell of Tabacco and wood smoke
8) Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
9) Household Gases

How we can control Air Pollution at Home?

There are many small, but critical sources that contribute to air pollution in our homes and neighborhoods. These can be vehicles, construction equipment, lawnmowers, dry cleaners, backyard fires, and also the auto-body shops that are located near our homes. Total emissions from these smaller but widespread sources lead to a significant amount of air pollution even greater than all the industrial sources in the state combined. 

How we can control Air Pollution at Home?

As per a study, indoor air is 10-times more polluted than outdoor air. Many types of pollutants can affect indoor air quality. To improve the air quality we can focus on the reduction of the usage of the vehicles, educating people to reduce the burning of wood, recycling things instead of burning them, and planting more trees are some of the things that an individual can do to reduce the air pollution.

But these are limited ways and these steps will have long term results, for the immediate results to reduce the air pollution at your homes is to buy the best air purifiers in India that can help you get clean and fresh air to breathe. The best air purifiers India from the top brands are available at a reasonable price that provides a quick result to improve the air quality inside your home and provide healthy and fresh air to breathe. 

Home, office, and commercial air purifier products come with a multi-stage filtration process that can be used effectively and efficiently to eliminate air pollutants.

The best quality air purifier traps a high percentage of the airborne allergens and irritants that are present in the air through the filters. However, it is one of the reliable ways to get rid of dust, mold, Volatile Organic Compounds, smoke odor, pet dander, or pollen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Air Purifiers In India

How much time should I run my air purifier?

It depends on the area where you are leaving if it is a small room then it will take less time to clean air but if it is used a large room or a hall then it requires much larger time to complete its work. On average you can run your air purifier at short intervals.

How much sound does an air purifier make?

There is some noise produced while air purifiers operate. The noise or sound whether less or more it depends on the particular air purifier.

Does air purifier cure some of allergies or breathing problems?

The answer is no because air purifier just improves the air quality of your living area and it acts as a preventive measure to dust or any particles in the air but it can act as a medicine or a therapy.

Which is the best spot to keep an air purifier?

It also varies from person to person whether he stays more in the bedroom or living room. But likely the best spot for air purifier is in the bedroom as we spent maximum time in there as compared to any place in our house.


Poor air quality can make you sick as with increasing air pollution every home requires the best quality air purifier that can provide your family a healthy and fresh air to respire. In case you have a new-born baby or older people with respiratory problems it’s best decision to bring home a top quality air purifier that can make them feel healthy and safer. But you may be confused about which one of them is best to buy. 

As above, we have mentioned some of the top best air purifiers in India that we recommend our users to choose from whenever they make their mind to bring home an air purifier that procures a safer breathing atmosphere. Moreover, we have made sure that we provide all the essential details about the best air purifier from top brands that deliver both values for money as well as top-notch performance so that our users don’t face any issues afterward.

In our listings, we covered everything about the best air purifiers in India so that every single user comes across an air purifier that can match their set of requirements and budget. Furthermore, after going through our buying guide, the users would be able to make a quick decision to get the best air purifier for their home. 

So without any delay gift your loved ones with a fresher and cleaner environment to breathe in!

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